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Many new developments and more to come

September 13, 2009

Hello fellow readers,

Thank you everyone for all your kind words, encouragement, and feedback. I am aware it has been a long time since the last post, and there are many new publications to share. Between being busy getting into graduate school (I recently started the MA program at Boston College) and being an editor on the Cutting Edge News website, I have been previously too busy to update this site. Both developments have yielded new materials and opportunities for further posts.

First off, through collaboration with author Edwin Black I have become an editor and contributor to the Cutting Edge News (

Although I have worked on dozens of pieces for this website, my main focus has been to publish book reviews and articles – particularly those that involve my topic of corporate complicity in World War II. To that end, I have posted two book reviews (which in themselves are extrapolations/further developments of the comparative review also found in this blog) and a third one forthcoming.

The first review on Charles Higham’s Trading with the Enemy can be found on The Cutting Edge News here:

Much to my excitement, this review was reposted on the History News Network and can be found here:

..and also reposted on two websites called Energy Publisher and Spero News here:

The second review on Edwin Black’s IBM and the Holocaust can be found on the Cutting Edge News here:

This review has also been reposted on Spero News as well:

Additionally, a third book review on Edwin Black’s The Transfer Agreement (to coincide with the release of its new 2009 edition) will be out on the Cutting Edge News shortly. I also had the pleasure of becoming personally involved with this project by joining a team of editors to work on this new edition.


With my life being quickly consumed with graduate school, I will be producing about a dozen more book reviews this semester. Stay tuned for further developments, as  some of these works will be posted on the Cutting Edge News, History News Network, and elsewhere.

Finally, I have started work on a documentary involving the research found here. Tentatively titled, The Greatest War, this project is enormously exciting to me. Working with two veteran documentary film makers, Martin West and Ryan Tebo, I am both humbled and energized to continue my work. If all goes well, I will be expanding my current research this semester to both fulfill my graduate school work requirements, and work on this documentary project simultaneously.

Thanks again to everyone for their continued support.


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