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Happy New Year!

January 22, 2013

Greetings All!

First and foremost, I want to thank all my readers for checking out my academic musings thus far. It was a very busy second half of 2012, and most of my energies were focused on coursework and outside projects, which left little time for publications here. That said, there are some exciting developments! I have completed my consulting work with Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States book and documentary series. The series aired on Showtime over the past few months and will likely be available in other formats soon. The book briefly hit the NYT best seller list and contains my first footnote on page 632! It is out in bookstores now! Check it out.

Also coming soon: I am just finishing a project with Adam Lebor, journalist and literary critic who writes for The Economist. We are completing work on his new book, which will likely be out later this year. I can’t say much about it yet, but there will be more details on that as they come in!

In addition to the above interesting news, I am also working this semester with Taylor Branch, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Parting the Waters on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We are teaching a class together at University of Baltimore, which includes an online audit forum. I am not able to accept requests to join it at this time, but as with the other developments above, I’ll release more details as they come. Suffice is to say that this will be a very exciting spring!

Some final important news: I will be experimenting with this blog this semester for a final piece of my PhD coursework at American University. I am currently attending a course on History and New Media, and I will be using this wordpress as a platform for projects in the class. I apologize in advance for unexpected changes, but rest assured that the content that exists on here now will not be removed any time soon. Perhaps we’ll even make this blog more user friendly and more easily searchable! That’d be something now, wouldn’t it?

(Edit: I have also created a Twitter account for this History and New Media project. You can find me @JayWeixelbaum. Thanks)

Many thanks for your continuing interest in my research and publications.

Warmest Regards,

Jay Weixelbaum


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  1. Wow, Jay! How does one get involved with such cool projects?! I’m looking forward to reading your blog this semester!

  2. jasonweixelbaum permalink

    Oh gosh. Much of my entry into these various projects has been total serendipity. I only hope that I can pay forward what luck and opportunities I’ve had. I’m glad you like my blog! There’s dozens of articles up on here. Feel free to peruse what has already been posted!

    • “Serendipity. A fateful accident” … Have you ever seen that movie with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale? Tangent. Okay, anyways I will check out some of your other articles. I’m actually really interested in learning more about your Ph.D. topic, since that is a historical avenue I never would have thought to explore.

      This is unrelated to Digital History, but I was also wondering if you would be interested in sitting down and helping me prepare a strategy for the comps–maybe this semester or over the summer. Based on your notes for Reconstruction I think you may have some helpful hints!! This is, of course, if you have time and/or feel the need to want to help out a first year grad student!

  3. Jordan permalink

    Wow Jason “Jay” keep up the “work.”

    • Jay Weixelbaum permalink

      I am unsure why quotes were used in the comment above, Jordan, but I’ll simply say “thank you.” :p

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