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March 29, 2015


Thank you for visiting my research and publications blog! I have been very busy lately working on new projects – but I hope you’ll go back and read the many articles I’ve posted here since 2008. The pictures above are from the National Academy of Sciences, where I currently work as a historical consultant. Writing and conducting research on the history of science is fascinating and rewarding – and stay tuned for more articles related to that topic!

The big projects in the works are as follows: Last fall, my dissertation proposal was approved for Lawyers, Spies, and Industry: The Dulles Brothers and Transnational Business in Nazi Germany. Research for this project has been ongoing in and around DC, and I hope Europe in the coming months!

National Academy of Sciences has commissioned a 150 year history of their institutions, which I referenced above. Our team is hoping to complete work on this late in the year – although this may be subject to change. I will post updates about this as we get closer.

I am also currently working as a drummer and band leader for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s latest production entitled “6 Pack,” which is made up of six mini rock operas. This is production is going to huge, hilarious, and filled to the brim with righteous rock and roll! If you are anywhere near the Baltimore area in late May, I highly suggest attending this event. Learn more about it here.

In other news, lots of publications have come out recently that I’ve either been cited or acknowledged. One book of particular note is the fourth volume of Jewish Responses to Persecution I worked on with Dr. Emil Kerenji at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, which I’m happy to have been a part of. Additionally, it would seem that my work is making an impact on new scholarship on business in Germany during World War II. I’m gratified that people have found the writing here on this blog an important part of the ongoing discussion about this history. As I have mentioned before in previous pieces, but probably deserves a reiteration: All the work on this blog has, in fact, been subject to peer review. Unlike an academic journal, the research found here was not reviewed via blind distribution among experts; instead, the pieces here were stewarded directly by significant scholars in various fields such as US foreign policy, US legal history, business history, Nazi Germany, Cold War culture, and transnational history. These scholars are: Drs. Richard Breitman, Allan Lichtman, Peter Kuznick, Heather Elms, and Max Paul Friedman at American University, Seth Jacobs, Devin Pendas, Kevin Kenny, and Alan Rogers at Boston College, and Martin Ederer at Buffalo State College. Special distinction is also reserved for Dr. Franziska Seraphim at Boston College for her work with me on my 2010 “Contradiction of Neutrality” piece about the Bank for International Settlements, which ended up as an integral part of Adam Lebor’s Tower of Basel book published last year, and cited by numerous publications since.

So as you are reading the pieces here on this blog, know that many fantastic scholars asked critical questions, provided important insights, and helped the work become a significant part of ongoing scholarly discussions.

Thank you for visiting and happy reading! More updates to come.


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